NIRAVASI Devlog (08/02/2022): Time’s Up

“Run away!

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to another Bi-Weekly Devlog update for NIRAVASI. In the last Devlog, I spoke about releasing these updates on a bi-weekly basis, some more work on the Perfection Complex, as well as a little teaser of things to come. For today’s Devlog, I’m happy to announce that I’ve finished the rough build of the Perfection Complex. Sounds awesome, right? Let’s dive straight into it.


Perfect Ending

So after a solid month of focused development, the Perfection Complex level is officially done! From the starting area of the level, all the way to the escape sequence at the end, the Perfection Complex can now be conquered without hassle. But it’s too soon for celebrations, as there’s still some more work to be done before I can officially wrap things up as being “complete”. Tomorrow, I’ll be sitting down and playing through the level to see if I can spot any huge bugs that can potentially either soft lock the game or detract from the player experience overall. Additionally, the Perfection Complex is perhaps the most narratively intensive level (so far), so a lot of work went into the dialogue between Mura, Clovis, AEON, and an old friend. My biggest worry here is that certain scenes won’t too flow well and come across as either being cheesy, or poorly written (or even both, which is EVEN worse).

Aside from that, I’m extremely proud of the work I’ve done for the Perfection Complex, and I can’t wait to start showing everyone the kind of place they’ll be visiting in the next week (Spoiler Warning. There is one REALLY messed up scene that still gives me the shivers, so mentally prepare yourselves for that).


Heart of Niravasi

At long last, the time has finally come to talk about the very final level of the game. The last trial that the player must overcome in order to escape the lost city and complete the game. For those of you that are having trouble remembering this, the final level of the game is known as the Palace of Nira Ishan. Most of you will have seen it from the distance, but never from close-up. In Niravasi’s story, this grand palace served not only as Emperor Nirav Ishani’s home, but also as a testament to the wonders humanity as a species could accomplish. Nowadays, it serves as AEON’s vile nest, and where you must go to escape the city once and for all. I’m not ready to talk about what it is you’ll find up there exactly, but just know that it won’t be exactly be what you’re expecting.

As for the primary gameplay loop of level, you won’t actually be hunted by AEON and the CALI unit for the majority of the time. A large portion of this level’s design instead will come in the form of finding out the origins behind the lost city’s creation, as well as the humble beginnings of its mysterious ruler. You’ll also uncover more information in regards to AEON’s past and experiences with Nirav Ishani, as well some hints at a potentially darker secret hiding behind the great machine. But I’ll keep that stuff all hush-hush until we get there. Either way, I’m really looking forward to starting work on this level, and I hope to do it the same kind of justice as I did for the previous levels of the game.


Wrapping Things Up

As the game draws closer to its conclusion, I’m beginning the process of wrapping everything up in regards to the marketing side of the game. I’ve saved a list of the potential parties interested in covering the game, as well as redrafting certain aspects to the game’s online presence (Website Overhaul, New Press Kit, etc.). Additionally, I’ll start looking into getting the game’s Steam page completed, as well as updating the various other pages the game will be featured on. Finally, I’ll be working hard on making a brand new Demo for the game that’ll present all of the ideas and themes seen in the game in full fruition. Don’t worry, it won’t be as long as the Kickstarter one this time. I’ve learnt my lesson there, I promise.


That’s about it for this Devlog update. Sure, It wasn’t as meaty as the previous one’s, but I’m pretty burned out from all the work I’ve been doing with finalising the Perfection Complex and just need a little break to clear my head to better work on the Palace of Nira Ishan. Either way, thank you all so very much for reading and I’ll update you again in the next two weeks.

Kind regards,
Angus (Sangos)

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