A Dark Adventure

NIRAVASI takes you to a strange new land that eerily echoes the world around us. Bright lights that scour the night sky. Tall buildings that tower over you in the hundreds. But its history in particular holds an array of sinister secrets; atrocities laying dormant like primeval beasts slumbering beneath the waves.

Within the lost city, you’ll find many horrors lurking within its streets, as well as the tragedies that befall the people who lived here. But history is written by the victors, and Niravasi still has a lot left to lose.

RPG Maker Evolved

Built using the RPG Maker MV Engine (and the MV3D plugin), NIRAVASI offers you a visually-pleasing experience much like the ones found in other surreal titles like Yume Nikki, OMORI, and Petscop. The venture into the 3rd dimension allows NIRAVASI to present to you incredibly stunning visuals, unlike anything you will have ever seen before in most other RPG Maker titles.

Additionally, the game sports a distinct visual style that can be best described as a solid mix between pixel art, and eastern mythology. From the ruined walls of a dilapidated Stepwell, to the sunken buildings of the Aruvi District, NIRAVASI has a lot to show.

Ease of access

Fundamentally, NIRAVASI is designed to be a game that almost anyone can pick-up and play. From the moment you arrive within the cursed city, you’ll quickly be introduced to the systems needed to survive Niravasi’s ordeals. Additionally, the game has been designed in such a way to smoothly introduce players to brand new mechanics, so as to not spoil the experience going forward.

And if you’re more of a controller player yourself, NIRAVASI has you covered there to. From Xbox controllers to PlayStation, the game will allow you to choose how to play.