What is Niravasi?

An RPG Maker Game unlike any other

NIRAVASI is an RPG Maker MV Dark Adventure game, set within an ancient city lost to the stars. NIRAVASI puts you in the hands of Mura (a feline archaeologist) as he tries to find a way out of the lost city after being split off from his team.

Inspired by other surreal RPG Maker games like OMORI, Cat in the Box and Yume Nikki, NIRAVASI offers players a dark and mysterious world to explore. Filled with both mysteries and danger, the city of Niravasi offers players many stories to tell. Should you wish to discover how this ancient city came to ruin, this is the game for you.

A Lost World

Once the capital city of the world of Aetherius, Niravasi stood as the pinnacle of what humanity as a race could achieve. But when a violent war broke out, the city was cast out into the furthest reaches of Aetherius’ atmosphere. Now after centuries of silence, people have begun to return to this lost city in search of treasure. But as you’ll soon find out, not all is well within Niravasi.

The city of Niravasi holds many mysteries and stories to explore, which you can find around every corner. Learn the story of how an old Stepwell was used for nefarious purposes, or how a grand library suffered a dark fate in the city’s earlier days. For the most explorative of players, NIRAVASI has a lot to offer.

A Twisted Machine

After Niravasi was built, the humans living there sought many ways to optimise their ways of life. One such method was to create an artificial intelligence to both protect and perfect their lives, which would lead to the creation of the Artificial Ecological Overseer Network. For better or worse, this machine certainly achieved its purpose. Just not in the way that its creators may have had in mind for it.

Eager to preserve the beauty of the throne of humanity, AEON will do everything in its power to eliminate all non-human intruders. As such, Mura will need to do his best to avoid AEON’s grasp when travelling through the city. Armed with a vast array of robotic proxies, Mura will need to keep his skills in check and wits about him if he wants to survive the old machine’s fury.