A simple man with a simple plan, I'm a 28-year old indie developer working on a little game called NIRAVASI, an Adventure/Horror RPGMaker game. Other than that, I like spending time with my family/friends, as well as binging on the latest and greatest stories online.

NIRAVASI Devlog (26/10/2021): Digital Waterways

NIRAVASI Devlog (26/10/2021): Digital Waterways Hey everyone, It’s me, Angus, coming back with another Weekly Devlog for NIRAVASI. Last week, we focused on some new details regarding the development of the game, while also enjoying the game’s newly released Theme song. This week, we’re going to reel things back a little and keep all new …

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NEW Website

Hey everyone, Welcome to the official website for NIRAVASI. For those of you that don’t know, NIRAVASI is an RPG Maker MV Adventure/Horror game, set within the ruins of a lost city of old. You play as Mura, an Antherian Archeologist, who now finds himself trying to escape the lost city of Niravasi. To survive, …

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