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“An RPG Maker Dark Adventure Game.”

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NIRAVASI is an RPG Maker MV Horror game, set within the ruins of an ancient human city.

In ages past, there existed a city unlike any other. Forged from the strength and unity of humanity, Niravasi was born. But when a brutal war ravaged the world itself, the city was lost to the depths of space. Some say that the city still lives; its people unharmed. Others speak of horrors unimaginable residing in its streets. In the end, they are all just stories.

But Niravasi is real.

Taking inspiration from other RPG Maker Horror games like Yume Nikki, .flow, and Cat in the Box. NIRAVASI focuses on exploring the ruins of an ancient human civilisation, while avoiding the horrific machines that patrol its streets. With a large emphasis on storytelling and visual horror, NIRAVASI will not only explore how Antherian archaeologist, Mura, came to this place, but also tell the story of how the ancient city of legend fell to begin with.

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Marooned in a strange land, Mura will need both his wits and skills in order to escape the lost city of Niravasi. Beware the dangers that may meet you at every turn. You’re on your own here.

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As an ancient city of old, Niravasi offers many stories to tell. Some speak of tragedies long forgotten. Others of horrors behind hidden corridors. In the end, all are yours to claim.


Protecting this place is the Artificial Ecological Overseer Network (AEON), and its robotic proxies. If you wish to get out of here alive, you’d do well to evade
his grasp. Failure to do so will not be pleasant.

Blog Posts:

Interested in following the development of NIRAVASI? Feel free to read through the different blog posts you can find about here, which include Weekly Devlog discussions, sneak-peeks and other kinds of announcements.

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